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  • Gear

Individual necessary gear:

  • Adequate protection glasses or protection mask (suspicious glasses will be tested before playing)
  • suitable boots which cover your ankles and have thick soles (army or mountain boots)
  • camouflage uniform (modern uniform for ISAF forces) and head cover (hat, boonie, helmet, bandanna)
  • at least two litre of water in the plastic bottle, camelback, etc
  • adequate primary replica (AEG or spring/gas sniper)
  • secondary replica for MG, DM or sniper
  • your own BB-s
  • watch
  • ORANGE cloth for your head when you are hit/going to MASH
  • flashlight and/or lightstick for night part of the game (use it when you are going to respawn)


Section necessary gear:


Individual recommended gear:

  • Other protection gear (knee and elbow pads, gloves and other face and teeth protection)
  • suitable army backpack/rucksack for caring necessary and recommended gear
  • compass, pen or pencil and sheet of paper
  • PMR radio
  • Warm (winter) clothes for night part of the game or spendig the night in the tent