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Medical help
  • Rules

eye protectionEye protection (goggles, mask,...) must be worn at all time, even in MASH. You can only remove your eye protection in the safezone!

If we will see you in the playing area without your eye protection, you will be escorted to the safezone, and you will not be allowed to rejoin the game! There will be no warnings or exceptions!



FPS limitations

Rjavi Ris 6 FPS rules:
Due to more and more AEG replicas having 400fps stock (and most countries using 400fps limit for full auto AEG), we decided to raise the FPS limitations for all replicas, except for those which fire 9mm and 5,7mm in real steel versions (MP5, P90,...). SMG replicas must follow the 300fps limit!

FPS limit table:

  • 300fps ...for all replicas of 9mm or 5,7mm caliber
  • 400fps ...for all electric ASSault weapons - common sense min. distance, don't hit head from close distances if possible
  • 450fps ...for MG replicas (must have a sidearm) - min 10m distance
  • 500fps ...for single action AEG's + scope (must have a sidearm) - min 20m distance
  • 600fps ...for bolt action rifles + scope (must have a sidearm)- min 30m distance

Only Lowcaps/Midcaps are allowed, except for the MG's.

No highcaps are allowed, not even for 300fps class!

Note that all fps are MAX allowed, no % up. All rilfes will be labeled by our colour code.

Squad machine gunner, designated marksman and sniper must have their sidearm or backup replica for shooting at targets inside their main replicas safety distance limitations.

FPS muzzle velocity is mesured with 0,20 BB. Bare in mind that all replicas will have to go through FPS test before the event (Guarder 2000 chrono and similar).


Spawning rules

In Operation: Rjavi Ris 7 respawn will be done by medics or in M.A.S.H.


Medic Rules

  • Each side will have several medics marked with medic ribbon on the upper arm (white circle with red cross)
  • At the begining of the scenario each medic can carry 2 medic stripes per player in his section
  • Medics can distribute medic stripes between themselves, however be advised that hit players can give the medic stripes back to medic only when they are in MASH.
  • Medic striped will not be provided by the organiser, you must bring your own medic stripes.

    bak on top


Geting hit:


  • Hit player must clearly announce that he/she has been hit!
  • Raise your hand and loudly say HIT, ZADET, and place ORANGE cloth on your head.
    You can also use orange vest from your car or orange hat (worked on Berget, should work here).
    If you do not mark yourself with ORANGE cloth, you might get hit some more so follow this rule to the letter.


  • Hit players must remain where they were hit! It is recomended, that hit players lay down and call for "medic!"
    If medic does not reach you in 10 minutes, you bleed out and you must go to MASH.

  • Teammates can decide to rescue wounded team member, either by dragging him to safety or by helping him move to cover (runing is not allowed when moving the wounded)
    Medic must tie white medic stripe arround wounded players arm (tie it strong enough so that player won't loose it durring fight).

  • When medic stripe is tied on wounded player, medic must hold player for 1 minute before he is fully healed and ready for the combat! Instant healings are considered as cheating so don't do it!

  • Medic can heal only one person at the time!

  • If a medic is hit, only another medic can heal him.

  • Medic is not allowed to shoot when he is healing a player

  • Each player can be healed only 2 times, when you are hit for the 3rd time, you must go to MASH to respawn.


Silent kill:


  • If a hit (wounded) player is touched by an enemy player (silent kill) while he is waiting for his medic, he must instantly go to MASH to respawn.

    If you are close to enemy player you can call "silent kill" on him/them. Do consider, that there are people who use different playstyle regarding silent kill, so use it only when there is danger of hurting the person (close distance).
    MG, DM and Snipers must switch to secondary weapon if target is inside the safety distance.bak on top
    For instance, don't try to call silent kill with a bolt sniper from 20m away, use your secondary and shoot the enemy.



Section can decide to move to MASH at any time, even if medic has some medic stripes left (tactical decision to restock with med. stripes, picking up dead players who bledout or were silent killed). When in MASH section recharges and resupplies, killed and wounded players give medic stripes back to their medic, and medics can redestribute med. stripes between themselves if needed. You can respawn at MASH every 30 minutes (check in HQ for update,..MASH respawn may change durring game).


When heading back to MASH, all section members (or random individuals) must keep together and place ORANGE cloth/vest/hat,... on their head. At MASH all section members return white medic stripes to their medic.
Platoon or section leader reports to HQ for debrief


In case medic does not recieve all the medic stripes (players lost them onfield or medic healed players from other sections) the section must continue playing with the number of medic stripes they have. Replacement medic stripes will not be available by the organiser so we urge
you to bring enough of your own medic stripes to resupply.


Common playing rules


Hit at any part of the body or gear counts and player must call his hit.
Please remember that there are no verbal hits (we will sanction the ones practicing verbal hits).
Ricochets do not count as hits.
Replica hits count as hits!
Nobody is hit until he/she confirms it and considering that, we all count on fair play.
Backpacks may be used as covers but only when they are on the ground (remember: backpacks in your hands or on your backs are part of your gear)
Shooting/hiting dead/wounded players is not necessary so don't do it.
Medic is not allowed to hide behind wounded player while he is trying to heal him.
ORANGE color cloth/vest/hat is mandatory so don't use red or white cloth to identify yourself being hit.


Pyros are not allowed at this event! The only thing allowed are the firecrackers that will be given to a mortar section and pyros used by organisers for special effects.
Smoke granades are allowed so you can use them as you please (please confirm that before the game - depends on weather conditions,.. terrain has a high risk of fire).
CO2 powered replicas are not allowed
8mm replicas are not allowed




Identification (IFF Identify Friend or Foe) will be done by placing colour duck tapes around player arms at the briefing.


Communication / navigation


You may use PMR radio communication between squads and squad members. bak on top
Other communication devices such as UKW radio are not allowed.
Each side will have 2-3 dedicated PMR frequencies.
Listening to the other team frequency is also forbidden.
Using GPS is allowed.