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26.8.2010 /Thursday
Contestants arriving

Contestants arriving
Airsoft event Rjavi Ris 7 will be held from Thursday 26.avg 2010 to Sunday 29.avg 2010.
We will provide camping space for all participants but you have to bring your own camping equipment.
Toilets and drinking water will be available in bases and in safezone.
Check-in and chrono will start at 16:00 in the main safezone, and will be open until 01:00 in the morning.
GM/CO's briefing in the main safezone (TBA).


27.8.2010 /Friday

7:00 Wake up, gear up and provided hot breakfast in your bases (self service).

Chrono will be possible in your bases, but you must come to main safezone if you missed the check-in.

8:00 Briefing by your CO's.

9:00 Game start.


28.8.2010 /Saturday

Game continues until 18:00 (19:00 latest)

19:00 BBQ party! As allways we will provide you with food and drinks (beer, soft drinks, water), so all you have to do is get your ass there :) !
Debriefing and prizedraw will be held durring the BBQ party

… party continues into the night!


26.8.2010 /Sunday

Early morning - food and drinks are all gone, it's time to get some sleep.
Late morning or afternoon – you are all rested and ready for a trip home.
You must leave at 16:00 (latest) on Sunday.