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RR7 sign upParticipation for operation Rjavi Ris 7, will bee 40€ per player. Participation fee must be payed by... coming soon....
If you decide to pay when you arrive on the event, participation fee will be 50€ per person, so we urge you to pay before given date.



On Sign Up page you will find the list of other players participating in Rjavi Ris 7.

Because of the transaction costs it is recommended that participation fee is payed for the whole team at once. When you make money transfer to our bank it is necessary for you to pay all the costs of transaction (the cost of your bank and our bank). If we do not receive the full payment per person, you will have to pay the difference.

Female players are welcome to participate free of charge!

Please transfer the money to this account:

For Slovenian players:

Airsoft klub Salamander
Palmejeva 32
1000 Ljubljana
številka računa: 02038-0255081143

račun je odprt pri:
NLB d.d.
Trg republike 2
1000 Ljubljana


For international players:


Airsoft klub Salamander
Palmejeva 32
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia bak on top


our bank:
NLB d.d.
Trg republike 2
1000 Ljubljana


IBAN: SI56020380255081143


The registration fee of 40€ covers the following:

  • Camping area

  • Toilets in both bases

  • Rjavi Ris 7 T-shirt + participation in lucky prizedraw after the debreafing

  • Map of the game area

  • Usage of game area durring the weekend

  • Friday morning breakfast

  • Saturday night grill and drinks (beer, softdrinks, water)

  • Tea/coffee for breakfast

  • Drinking water in HQs

  • Trash bins on the place of event and in HQ's

  • 1W/4W PMR for commanding officers/HQ to comunicate with gamemaster

  • Minor effects within scenarios (things that go "bang" sadly are not allowed)

  • Mortars (to be assigned to mortar section)

Items NOT covered by the registration fee:

  • Transport to and from the event (transport from airport to the event can be arranged for participants flying in from abroad for a minor fee)

  • Tents/sleeping bags/camping equipment - bring your own tent and camping equipment

  • You are required to bring your own food/drink for what you will need durring the game itself

  • Insurance - make sure you get your own insurance sorted out bak on top