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  • Slovenia travel info

Currency :

Euro (€)


Gas stations, toll offices and restaurants accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc).


Gasoline - the prize:

  • 1 litre 95-octane unleaded is 1,213€
  • 1 litre of 98-octane is 1,247€
  • 1 litre of diesel costs 1,170€


~ (june 2010)


Entry formalities :

Since Slovenia is a member of EU and is a part of Schengen agreement, border can be crossed with no ID needed, however it is recomended and comon sense, that you have some kind of personal ID with you.

You must buy a vignette (15€ for 1 week, 30€ for 1 month or 95€ for1 year) to use highways in Slovenia. The fines are quite high (300-800€) so buy it as soon as you enter Slovenia.

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Location :

For detail auto route use VIAMICHELLIN online planner. Destination town is »Postojna«, Slovenia. Event will be held on military training ground called Poček, just a few minutes drive from Postojna.


GPS coordinates :